Graduation Party

Because once in a life time, I wanna thank you.

* Japanese translation in the bottom *

Hello ladies and gentlemen! This event is for those who will graduate from Sendai Higashi High School on March 1st, this year. And as long as you are reading this,you are offered to come and join us. Why not check following things;

1. We will have dress code to make this party more pretty and fun.
(Like a dresses for wedding party but not too formal.)
2. We will reserve kinda cool place, not like karaoke store.
(But we can go anywhere after this dinner/lunch, of course!)

But as you know we are under planning this party, feel free to ask questions or give us your idea on this party! That'll be wonderful to make the event more fabulous.

If you got interested in this party, contact us;
Planner - Ayaka Ohi ( signorina_18@i.softbank.jp )

Thanks! and we are excited to see you there!


* Graduation Party

はっはーい、こんにちは 英語科・今回のイベントの企画者の大井です!このイベントは、めいっぱいお洒落して素敵なパーティーに憧れる女子数名から企画された "Graduation Party" - 卒業パーティーです。ここのページを見てるあなたが今年度(24年度)の仙台東高校卒業予定者なら、もうちょい下記をご覧ください。
Set up ticket and prices*

1. ドレスコードを設けることに抵抗がない
2. カラオケのような場所でなく、若干おしゃんてーなとこでやるのに抵抗がない

現在は計画中なので、どんな質問や要望も受け付けます。費用の面や交通の面でも、できるだけ皆さんの意見を取り入れるので 気軽に連絡してくださいまーせ!


企画者 - おおい あやか ( signorina_18@i.softbank.jp )

Sat Mar 2, 2013
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM JST
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Sendai, Miyagi Japan
Ayaka Ohi
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